Creating Crafts, Art, fashion and Afriabo knots, macrame.

Filled with creative energy my passion is to create works of art that make people feel good.
I have a background in fashion but am on a hiatus for a moment. I absolutely love creating and have dabbled in a few art forms from fashion design, garment construction, jewelry design, to abstract painting and now macrame.

This new creative art form and collection was inspired by some childhood memories. My mother was and still is very creative. She had some macrame plant hangers in the dining room next to the window and another wall hanging in the living that she made. I remember sitting by the window between 2 forest green macrame planters flowing with flowering succulents. It was one of my favorite spots to sit and think, o.k. mostly daydream. I remember being fascinated by how the various knots came together to create beautiful designs and I asked my mother how the plant hangers were made and if she could teach me. So I learned some knots and made some bracelets and earnings. That lasted until my interest peaked in fashion design and garment construction.

I love filling my time creating macrame wall hangings and planters. I hope you enjoy the pieces I create.


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